Kids build Confidence, gain strength, flexibility, and learn amazing skills in our XOL Ninja League



Increased confidence
Completing difficult obstacles and competing against other athletes will give you a boost of confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
Personal growth
Competing in the Ninja XOL League will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, develop new skills, and grow as a person.
Opportunities to meet new people
The Ninja XOL League provides a fun and supportive environment where you can meet new people who share your passion for obstacle course training.

XOL teams will have 3- 5 athletes and the course will be set for each team meets. The course for the match will be determined by the XOL facility and course rules for that match.

Regular season matches will have two stages. All 5 competitors must compete in at least one stage. At least three team members have to compete in each stage. If a team cannot field at least three team members then the meet will be forfeited unless agreed by both teams that two ninjas can run the entire course.

The winning team will be determined by the total fastest time of the two stages with the least amount of fails. Fails are weighted heavier than fastest time. In other words a team with a slower total time and the least fails wins.

Each gym will determine the rules of the course on the day of the meet as far as falls and penalty times during the course walk through prior to the meet. The winners of the stage runs will be the team who went the furthest the fastest with penalties included if the host course decides that the athlete will be allowed to complete the course.

Athletes who do not complete an obstacle will have a predetermined time penalty added to the total time. A tie will be broken by the fastest relay. If a competitor falls off an obstacle during the relay there will be a “wait” penalty of 10-20 seconds (depending upon the difficulty of the obstacle as determined by the host ninja gym) until the next competitor can run their part of the course.​Team leaders are those who choose to start and select a team. A coach must be chosen as well. Coaches may be a parent or an adult over 18 chosen by one of the parents of the athletes in all divisions.

You may enter your team of 5 or sign up individually and a team will be selected for you. Team leaders can be the captain or a captain may be chosen from the athletes who are registered from your team. Teams may have any number of athletes from 1-4 and the remainder of the roster will be chosen for you if you cannot field a team of five athletes.Each match will have two officials trained by the XOL that can either be employees of the host gym or officials from another ninja gym.​Each ninja gym owner will be required to review the XOL bylaws and sign up their gym on the League sign up. This will allow the gym and their athlete’s eligibility to have their athletes compete.



Providing a valuable service
By offering a fun and challenging competition like the Ninja XOL League, you’ll be providing a valuable service to the community and helping to promote healthy, active lifestyles for kids.
Increased revenue
By hosting the league, you’ll attract new customers who are interested in competing in the obstacle course. This can lead to an increase in membership and revenue for your gym.
Building a sense of community
By bringing together athletes from the community to compete in the league, you’ll help foster a sense of community among your customers and create a fun and supportive environment.


Limited Spaces – Enroll ASAP

The sport of Ninja is all activities related to training and the development of skills in the disciplines of free running, gymnastics, rock climbing and martial arts based tricking with the purpose of navigating as quickly, efficiently and effectively through obstacles.​The mission of the XOL is to create a friendly but competitive team environment in the sport of Ninja.
Teams will consist of five competitors with a maximum of 12 teams per age division. If all 12 teams per age division per Ninja Gym are filled then a second league of teams will be started. NinjaKour(name of gym)Roosters(team name) Division 2 will compete until there is a winner of that division. That division will then compete in house with Division 1.
When each competitor registers they will find the local ninja gym they want to be a part of and register with that gym directly.​An XOL uniform shirt will be provided to you by your gym and is yours to keep. You will receive one shirt for the fall and spring season and remain on the same team if age applicable. The remainder of the uniform is either shorts or parkour style pants which are not loose and will not get caught on the obstacles. An appropriate shoe which is light and able to grip the obstacles is the responsibility of the team member. Some options are Ollo’s, NB Fresh Foam Zante’s and surprisingly regular “tennis” shoes are not a bad option. A soft flat surface is best.​
Rules for Selected Teams
Once Gym owners have selected teams the teams must match at the beginning and the end of the season. This is especially important for the winter season for the teams at the beginning of the season to match the teams at the end of the season. This is even more paramount for the winning teams going into National Finals or they will be disqualified. An exception to this would be if an Ninja Team member was hurt during the season and out for the remainder of the season then a replacement can be found. The replacement; however, must be integral to winning the in house championship. This means they must have participated in at least one regular season meet and then the championship to move on to Nationals. This is provided they win.


Limited Spaces – Enroll ASAP

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