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What do kids do in NinjaKour Classes?

Most parents understand typical activities. Take them to a friend’s house and then prepare to hear all about how amazing the video game play was once you pick them up

But what are Ninja classes like?

Warm Ups & Stretching

We don’t just stretch to prevent injury, we stretch to increase performance, flexibility, strength and overall muscle capacity. You might not know it, but kids love to stretch, especially when they can see the results!

Skill Work

Your new ninja will be creating deep connections between their minds and body as they learn new, amazing skills. Not just cool ninja moves, but foundational movement skills that will help them realize their full physical potential.

Disguising Repetition

members take their new skills to “real work” application by executing (super fun) technique drills that help embed the learning into their muscle memory

Partner and Team Work

Students are often given challenges and drills to complete with partners and larger teams. This creates an opportunity for them to learn to interact positively with other children (even if they they’re nervous!), effectively communicate their ideas, and be pushed by their teams and partners to do their absolute best.

Ready to get started with Ninjakour?

Spaces extremely limited - Register ASAP

Discounted Rate of 3 months of classes at $297


After the New member start up of $105, your monthly tuition kicks in at the regular rate depending on the level you progress at.

Your New Member special includes one class a week.

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